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Klumpe/Roldan Vintage Cloth Doll 10″ Lawyer/Barrister  1930s/40s.  Wonderful 10” Roldan/ Klumpe felt character doll representing a barrister/lawyer/professor. Spanish art character doll by either the Roldan or the Klumpe firm.  Excellent condition. No moth holes noted in black collared robe or black felt vest, striped pants, or linen vest. Fabulous character face and wire armature body. No fading noted to costume or facial painting. Wire eyeglasses. Felt brown & green legal folders. Black silk hat with Pom Pom tops auburn curly hair. Cigarette askance in mouth. Original price tag still on robe. See feature article focusing on the doll’s in January 2018 Doll Reader. I purchased this 1930s-40s doll on a trip to Spain many years ago & he has been stored in a non-smoking home.  Source





Vintage mint 1950’s  9″-10″  Roldan – Klumpe Spanish lawyer.  All original. Klumpe-Roldan  dolls are made in Spain and were basically created for the tourist trade in Barcelona.

These dolls are made of molded felt and portray many characters. These interesting cloth dolls have attracted many fans and countless collectors. Without a paper label, it is often difficult to know if your doll is a Klumpe, a Roldan or another similar doll also produced in Spain. Most of these dolls are fairly small, 8”-12” and have painted features and floss or mohair wig.  The more intricate figures are quite detailed and often come with accessories  or/and often animals.

The majority of Klumpe and Roldan dolls appear to have been made from the early 50’s through the mid 60’s. Although they were produced in Spain, several companies, including Effanbee and Kimport, imported these dolls for the American market.

The dolls were unmarked, but fortunately some still retain their original tags. The dolls often have two tags: Klumpe dolls can have a gold tag “Klumpe/Patentado/Barcelona” on the front of the doll, then a plain paper label on the back that states:  Klumpe-Made in Spain” with handwritten stock numbers. The Roldan dolls have a blue paper lable on the front that says “Roldan/Barcelona/Espana” and a “Made in Spain” paper label on the back. The Roldan dolls have a blue paper label on the front that says “Roldan/Barcelona/Espana” and a “Made in Spain” paper label on back. Source.



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