Vintage Ironstone Porcelain Faience China Ceramic

  This post started in 2016 when I first shared some images of my old white crockery, these oddments of vintage porcelain, ironstone, china, ceramic & faience.  It's a small but mixed collection I have of tureens, platters, jugs, plates & bowls including old mixing bowls. I'm drawn by the inherent beauty of these once … Continue reading Vintage Ironstone Porcelain Faience China Ceramic

Vintage Wood Burning Cook Stove

  Nothing like the enduring charm & warmth of an old cast iron wood-fired stove in the kitchen. A peek here & you see our old Metters stove, the iconic Australian cooker & heater first manufactured by the Metters company in Australia in the 1890s & right up until sometime in the 1970s I believe.  … Continue reading Vintage Wood Burning Cook Stove