The French twist: At the end of last year, 2019, NGE & I began the rather drawn out process of buying a little old village house, or townhome, in rural France.

Our humble little home is located NE of Bordeaux in central west France in the Haute Vienne Department between the cities of Angouleme & Limoges.

The Contract recently finalised, on time, when settlement occurred on 5 May 2020.

That day, we became the owners of the little maison we named, “La Petite Maison des Avocats’ which, in English, means: ‘The Little House of the Lawyers’.  While, in Australia we would more likely say, ‘The Lawyers’ Little House’ technically, it is incorrect in French. The apostrophe is not used to express possession in French as it is in English.  One must use the “of” construction in French i.e. ‘The Little house of the Lawyers’.

But, then, this is not a French grammar blog so we say whatever works 😉



I started posting about this exciting project on this Blog & on Instagram back in January including images from the sellers who also live here in South Australia.  They have purchased another property in France about 50 kms away in the neighbouring Charente.