Mr. Mona Lisa? A famous red head in his senior years?



I found this portrait, an oil painting, in a little secondhand store here in rural South Australia not too far from the Barossa Valley.

It is one of my favourite pieces.

It’s not overly large but not tiny either and measures 51 cm x 41 cm  (20.08″ x 16.14″)





 A red head.

A ginger.

A fiery red beard.



Who is this man?

Who do you see in it?

Does it remind you of anybody?



With a faint smile, a twinkle in his blue eyes, he follows you as you move from side to side.








His smile attracted me initially . . .  evoking a sort of  Mona Lisa smile, the male version of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting perhaps 🙂

I jest of course.

No work, by any stretch of the imagination, is of the calibre of the world’s most famous smile, Mona Lisa’s inscrutable smile.

As I say, I stumbled across this piece of old canvas sitting in a little country secondhand shop around here.



One can imagine, perhaps, how Leonardo da Vinci, through his eyes, would have painted the male version.

The real Mona Lisa is so elusive that no person is ever likely to capture the smile as Leonordo da Vinci did.








Or could it be the famous redhead, a true ginger, a redhead icon, the one & only Prince Harry, as we might imagine him in his more twilight years, an old man, somewhat portly, balding?













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