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religious statuary vintage tattered chalkware: St. Francis and the skull




Just a pre-loved, well worn and tattered, chalkware statue of St. Francis of Assisi. Chipped, battered and bruised so fits right in here.













What about the skull at Francis feet?

It is said that:

a skull near a saint, symbolizes the saint’s wisdom and prudence. The skull represents human mortality. We are all going to die, and death may come at any time. Keeping this fundamental truth in mind helps us live each day more meaningfully.  . . . The skull, far from indicating a morbid preoccupation with death, is a symbol of the wisdom that comes from living in the light of the truths that Jesus revealed to us; it helps us live each day to the full because it reminds us of the bigger picture.

Why are some saints depicted with skulls next to them?