barristerial sheep, woolly judges & anthropomorphism . . . huh?



At first blush you might think the group below is a flock of sheep but, no, it’s just the gathering of 2015 Silks or Queens Counsel (QC) in full bottomed wigs at the Silk Ceremony.



. . .

The celebration is also known as the ‘Silk Ceremony’ because members wear silk gowns of a particular design. New recipients of the award of QC are described as ‘taking silk’.

The rank of QC can be bestowed on either practising barristers or practising solicitors with Higher Courts Rights of Audience, who have demonstrated excellence in the higher courts.

The honorary rank is made to lawyers, including legal academics, who have made a major contribution to the law of England and Wales outside practice in the courts. It is not a ‘working title’ and cannot be used by the holders in practice.

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The judicious full-bottomed powdered wig perfectly suited to a woolly sheep judge. Chuckled when my Australian friend, Cindy (who lives in Minnesota, USA), saw this image.& judiciously observed, “oh it must be a Judge from New Zealand!”

You do know, don’t you, that in Australia we have kangaroo judges presiding over kangaroo courts?



Bewigged and judicious in full-bottomed wig


Membaas of the Baa


On a more serious note, what about animal rights and anthropomorphization?

Anthropomorphism: how much humans and animals share is still contested

Anthropomorphism and Its Adverse Effects on the Distress and Welfare of Companion Animals