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ecclesial art ~ vintage canvas portrait



Nothing beats the one-off originality of these vintage art works like this oil on canvas portrait.

Just a simple handmade artwork somewhat tattered from age and wear.

I’m lured to these creations, not only for their age & character, their drab hues & muted tones, but because they come ‘as is’ & are one-offs. Done once. Not machine-made or manufactured in bulk.




And they stay just as I found them.




They are the artist’s aesthetic understanding at the time, a depiction of something observed & perceived by the artist.

It’s these sorts of attributes, the sincerity & honesty of the artist, that gets me & gives them their value.




Ecclesial work.

The subject is obviously a man of the cloth.

No name.

Looks like a Catholic Bishop dressed in the black & purple.

The Pope wears white.

Cardinals red.






I don’t know who the artist is as there are no identifying marks on the piece.

Likewise, I don’t know the identity of the bishop or whether it’s a portrait of an actual bishop.






The prelate is dressed in the purple cassock with full length purple cape lined in black perhaps.

He wears a wide purple cummerbund, sash or belt fascia at his waist.

The pectoral cross hanging freely from his neck on a chain, is worn in the centre of the chest just below the heart.


That’s what an old school Catholic upbringing means – you know these kinds of details.









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