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on a wig and a prayer . . . knitting a ‘powdered’ wig for your barrister cat 🐱


Another ‘powdered’ wig, this time worn by Ms Florence Feliscatus, Barrister at Law Paw, a lady with a reputation for winning.

If you are greatly in need of legal services, or you have a friend in need, then Ms. Feliscatus is the lawyer for you. A quick study, she can ascertain the facts in a short space of time & make a sound decision about defending you.

All rise please, Court is now in session.” Any noise bursting forth in the Courtroom, unrelated to the trial, will no doubt attract the Judge who will bang his gavel down hard on the bench to quiet the courtroom.



And here’s the knit pattern by Oona Patterns for the legal wig donned by this special feline legal beauty.

Pattern fits all average size cats, small dogs, and other small animals. There are also instructions to increasing or decreasing the pattern to fit other sizes.



From the Oona patterns sight:

Powdered wig knit pattern, Cat hat pattern, pet pattern, historical wig, colonial wig, white wig pattern, knit pattern.

I specialize in patterns, both knit and crochet, for cats and other small animals. I also offer some of my patterns in a completed form ready to purchase!


Another version.



And another version . . .






Fantastic Pattern to make a fancy Powdered Wig for your cat.
Does your Cat like Hamilton? If so this is the pattern for you!
This pattern utilizes the Tunisian Knit Stitch, with a little traditional slip stitch and single crochet





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