garden art of rustic patina

One of my old time favourites is this rustic, concrete statue a sort of art deco style I guess. A statue like this, the design, is not hard to find.
Of course there are newer versions out now including those made from light weight materials, even artificially aged.
This one is the real deal though. Yep, nicely weathered with a real garden patina now, a rough, shabby, grey/brown sort of mottled finish, a testament to a life outside.  




The little girl (is it a girl?) wears a ribbon head-band. She sits, barefoot, on a draped block or seat, right leg crossed over left knee, her chubby hands supporting the open book she is reading. 




As I mentioned, the concrete piece is not a newer piece.  It’s weight & patina belies that. Its not a piece that’s been aged via art processes or given a helping hand.

It is old. Naturally weathered, worn & chipped, naturally mellowed which gives the authentic drab greyish patina.   






Right now she sits in an old wooden shelving unit in the hallway. That could change according to the mood of the time, my mood that is.  I never know where these old pieces will end up. Sometimes inside, sometimes out.

Part of the attraction of these pieces is their versatility, that I can use them anywhere.










Embellished with a rusty rosary & chain.




I can’t tell if there was an inscription on the book pages likely in French if there was. I don’t think so looking at the piece. 




I’m assuming the statue was modeled on the original Child Reading as seen in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

French (Paris) about 1795: After Charles-Gabriel Sauvage Lemire (1742–1827), Made by Dihl et Guérhard Manufactory (France, working 1781-1828)






Such a versatile – but heavy – little piece used inside & out.





So, where did I find the little gem?  Out hunting & gathering as usual I ended up at one of my all time favourite spots for miscellaneous goodness, Magnolia at Oakbank Vintage, first mentioned here. Eclectic vintage ruled at this cute little store (now on-line) located on the Onkaparinga Road at Oakbank between Woodside & Balhannah. You couldn’t possibly stopin at the store if you were in a rush. No, no. You had to have time to look, to peek through the layers of colour, shape & texture, to rummage around & through the stash of treasures, the colourful assortment of antiques, vintage & collectibles.

                                                                                🌼  🌷




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