Burmese cat, cat

cat love burmese style ❤️



Remembering this beautiful little feliscatus beauty, Jeannie (Jean-Louise) seen here a few years ago napping on the little cast iron bird bath.

Those of us of the feline loving genre well know how cats, especially Burmese, will squeeze, manipulate & contort their bodies into or onto the smallest spaces or objects.  Sadly, Jeannie left us some time ago for a beautiful life up there in cat heaven.




Body parts overhanging.

This little feline friend, like all Bumese cats a great family friend, showered us with warmth & affection. Her loyalty, docility & loving companionship was constant in the typical Burmese cat style.




These shots taken in the side garden area of the house.

She was predominantly lilac – a creamy blue body with lilac (sometimes referred to as platinum) points.




Miss this little sweetheart ❤️


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