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justice piggy: miss piggy in judicial mode







Look at the attention to detail, the intricate hand work, in this gorgeous hand made felted toy judicial officer, a pig judge sourced on Etsy.  Look at the piggy doll’s head & face made of felt, shaped and sculpted.

You can see the judge (I call her Miss Piggy, or Judge Piggy) is fully coifed & attired for court in her powdered wig (la perruque poudree), black robe (la robe noir) and white jabot (le jabot blanc).

Yes, she’s ready to fairly judge those who come into her courtroom to stand before her. I want one!




The Description that came with the doll: 

This character is custom made and is in a private collection. Toy Pig Judge is made of natural wool, frame legs, attributes of justice, eyes, nose and hooves are made of polymer clay, wooden stand. Height – 19 cm.

This particular toy is not available, but if you want to order something similar (the character and involvement in the profession may be different), then contact me via private messages. This is an interior toy, not intended for active children’s games.

As I say, I’m calling her Honour ‘Judge Piggy’ at least for purposes of this post.

While Judge Piggy is not blindfolded she carries a sword & scales both common symbols of justice, of Lady Justice.

Lady Justice can be found on courthouses & in court rooms around the world. Lady Justice, personified in Judge Piggy, symbolizes fair & equal administration of the law, without corruption, favor, greed, or prejudice.

Justice Piggy is a lady because she’s Iustitia, the Roman goddess & equivalent to the Greek goddess Themis.  They personify “divine order, law, natural law and custom”.

The scales of justice (la balance de la justice) represent the weighing of evidence, evidence that must be weighed on its own merit. Justice fairly takes into account both sides of the story, from the accuser & the accused, or from two parties that make opposing claims. The scales symbolize objectivity meaning the verdict Lady Justice delivers is the result of the “weight” of the evidence presented to her.

The sword has traditionally been a symbol of power. The power of Reason instead of any real physical power. This power manifests in the real world as law/legislation & through the people who enforce the law. It emphasizes that for justice to be carried out and the law enforced, there must be power behind the laws. It represents punishment. It signifies that justice can be swift and final.

Generally the sword is held below the scales to show that the evidence is weighed on its merit in a court of law preceding punishment.

In summary, Lady Justice is ultimately a symbol of neutrality, as justice itself must be neutral to be truly called justice. All of her symbols emphasize that justice should never work in favor of any man, and that the judgments of justice should always be carried out impartially, with the power of Reason and the power of the law, which is Reason codified. She serves as a reminder that the concept of justice is universal and timeless, as the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians knew and as we know today.



And here you see Judge Piggy, with her indispensable law book, gracing the front cover of the Saturday Evening Post Jul/Aug 1981. You can see on the cover that she had contributed an article about women: “Women’s Careers by Miss Piggy”.  Notice her signature purple glove?



Large image of a pipe-smoking pig “Judge Pig” wearing royal court dress, including powdered wig and robe via Heritage Auctions



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