bed, rustic

she’s old ‘n rusty ‘n shabby ‘n not forgotten … Victorian iron bed



More rustic rusty iron



Weather beaten

Heavy Solid

Some brass perhaps

Once discarded

Now rescued

While not as ornate as some – it’s one of those more austere Victorian, French, symmetrical double bed frames (full bed in USA) – it was instant love when I found her.  And a closer inspection revealed the ol’ beauty was in good vintage condition, sturdy, with many more years of dependable durability in her.

How could I pass up such a simple but positively charming vintage iron bed, a bed with that ‘to die for’ rusty, rustic patina, chippy white paint & overall down home authentic shabby chicness?

Her time honoured visual & functional appeal meant I had to have her. How I asked myself, can I say no to this one of a kind beauty?”

And home she came with me. 


And I know nothing of her past . . .  yet she’s always there to help me reminisce of the by-gone era she represents.




Her home is the little room at the eastern end of the house, the one we call the Tiny Room.

She fits perfectly in the space with room for a little table each side & a small chest or cupboard/wardrobe at the end.





Rusty rustic detail.

NGE made the wood slatted base as he usually does for the old beds.

The character of these old iron beds means there’s not a new bed in the house here.

Yes, all are vintage iron beds.

We have a queen in the main bedroom

A double in each of two other bedrooms

And 2 singles in the other bedroom



Chippy, rusty, shabby chic.

You can see the ornate motifs on the castings (at the foot end here) are made of something other than iron (Fe) and attached to the cast iron casting behind it.

Is the motif made of nickel? Zinc? Brass? Tin? Pewter?




The bed came just as you see it.

Not a part missing other than the original working castors.

Until I find old castors that fit, she sits in the little plastic floor cups we put under furniture legs to prevent slipping or damage to the floor.


The wood slat base sits firmly within the two iron side bars each bar with two lugs on the outer edge.


Early Iron Beds from Cathouse




Few shots of the bed corners where the side bars slot into the moulding at head & foot end.

You can see the feet do not have castors.












I won’t change these old bed frames.

Maybe somebody else will when I am no longer their owner.

While I’ve got them they stay just as I found them – rusty & rustic, crackly, shabby . . . the perfect patina for me.

A work of art as found. As is.


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