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shabby rustic nostalgia: child size mannequins & dolls


More down time, retro time …  Old dolls, more collectible charm in these 3 beauties being vintage little girl dollies. At least two, maybe all three, are child-size store mannequins or dolls, for store display each exhibiting the passage of time in their patina, crackling & imperfections.

Originally used for displaying & advertising children’s clothing in stores, I have clothed the taller girls in vintage white textiles, cotton dresses with lace.




This one is vintage chalkware plaster or composition type material, with wear and cracking self evident. I first spoke about the old composition dolls here.





Painted blue eyes with brown painted eyeliner on lids, brown painted eye brows, moulded light brown hair, painted pink lips.

Evidence of a life, of days, gone by.




The tallest girl is armless, as I found her, and stay that way she will. I am quite happy with these precious girls as they are, as they came to me, the beauty of their age, their previous life, taking a prominent place in the decor.




Indeed, breakable and prone to being knocked over, I treat them with care being particular in where I place them for display. They would fall down & break if not supported properly or left in a spot to be knocked over.




These vintage girls have been loved hard, forgotten, tossed aside.




Glass eyes.

Moveable blue eyes, sleepy eyes that close when she is laid down.







It’s obvious all three are rather worn with cracks & blemishes in their composite faces, bodies. No original clothing. The this little lady’s thick hair, while unkempt, the braiding or plaiting as we say in Australia, has most likely kept it in good shape.





This beautiful little girl has moulded hair. She has a real cracked & crazed patina, making her perfectly shabby with her imperfections, her scratches, abrasions, the cracks & grazes, the dark spots perhaps caused by moisture or weather.

No, I’m not a restorer nor am I interested in having these beauties seen/restored by the doll doctor or admitted to the mannequin hospital.  Love them as they came to me, as they arrived.  It’s their life.


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