~ miniature library of forgotten books ~



Admiring the exquisite handwork that’s gone into creating this gorgeous miniature Library of Forgotten Books by L Delaney miniaturist.

“I go into my library and all history unrolls before me.” -Alexander Smith

Velvet curtains sweep away to reveal rows and rows of books. Light from a candelabra flickers across the dusty volumes. In the shadows, papers and photographs peek out from their hiding places tucked among the books. A ladder reaches to the very top shelf, where four wooden crates rest, each containing strange and mysterious antique documents. An old bust of Queen Victoria perches in the center, watchfully guarding the tiny treasures. This is the Library of Forgotten Books!

Each of the pieces in this collection has been carefully designed and executed to fit together as a whole—and every piece resounds with life and history! Created using original antique documents and books, there isn’t a scene that this wouldn’t look stunning in— studies, attics, bedrooms, living rooms…Victorian houses, modern houses, witches’ houses, stores, laboratories, castles… Since this collection includes hundreds of moveable pieces, you may find it helpful to secure the objects with wax or glue.

Each of the 200 books lining the shelves has been lovingly and painstakingly crafted to resemble the real thing. High resolution images printed on textured paper give the covers unsurpassed detail and dimensionality. These books were created specifically for this bookshelf, and since the most you will see of the books are their spines, my design focused on that, carefully crafting them from images of real antique books. The 200 books do not open. But this collection also includes 6 additional books that are in a fixed open position, laying flat and displaying beautiful pages from real antique books. And one of the open books has a secret compartment with a key hidden in it! The 200 books are more than enough to fill all five shelves, with a few books left to scatter across the room, or set on top of the cabinet.

No real working library can ever be too tidy so, in addition to its 200 books, the library houses many mysterious and unusual pieces:

antique bust of Queen Victoria

antique candelabra

25 pieces of antique ephemera, including pages from books, photographs, and letters, all miniature high                resolution copies of real antique documents, handpicked from some of my best-selling ephemera sets

four wooden crates


open book with beautiful antique pages and secret compartment for hidden key

5 open antique books