can you really miss the courtroom?


Why do I kind of have this nagging feeling that NGE (husband), will suffer increasing withdrawal symptoms the longer he is  absent from the court room. Yes, true. Can you believe it?

You see, the man has basically spent his whole life in & around the criminal law courts. True.  Indeed, the image above is how I might ‘see’ him at the end of our first sojourn . . . starving, yearning for, missing the criminal courts, ultimately rendering him a mere skeleton!




NGE started as a young Prosecutor many years ago. Eventually, he ‘jumped the fence’ & became a criminal defence barrister.

Thing is, as a Prosecutor, your first focus is always on the person’s last act, the unlawful act of the accused, the crime.  Compare that to a defence lawyer where we start at the beginning oft-times before our client was born.  You are delving into, reconstructing your client’s life, start in life, background, culture, the psycho-social & environmental factors in trying to explain his/her behaviour.





A defence lawyer’s work is much more difficult & time consuming than a Prosecutors.

NGE becomes all consumed by his work. There is no other life. Nothing else matters. Nobody.  Criminal defence lawyering can be hard on relationships, on family.

Because I have spent a good part of my life around the criminal courts in the USA & here in Australia (indeed NGE & I met through the courts) I am intimately conversant with NGE’s work. But I’ve also made a point of taking time out & away from the up & down roller coaster ride of working with those caught up in the maw of the criminal justice system.  NGE is yet to learn to do this & understand that there is another life out there.  Sadly he doesn’t seem to need anything other than the criminal  law courts.

Thus, our France project is also designed to open his eyes to the other side of life away from the law Courts ⚖




Hoping he gets out of the shuttered & lonely ‘world’ he occupies to see what’s outside.




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