Little Recyclables




Had to re-post about this little project, such an easy & delightful way to recycle, upcycle, to save, little objects like these tiny teddy bears. 

I use any old carrying item or container & squeeze in as many little fellas as I can!  Crowd them in. You gotta squeeze.






I find these fun little guys anywhere & everywhere at op-shops & thrift stores, at yard sales & garage sales.

They are abandoned, discarded & often at the bottom of boxes of toys.  Sometimes you have to scrounge. Dig down below the larger soft toys.



The littlest guys in this gathering are super tiny ranging in height from  4-6 cm (1.5 – 2.5″) to 15 cm (6″) max or thereabouts.

They can range in price from $2, $1, 50c, 20c, 10c or come for nothing, as give-aways or discards.




The container I’ve used here is an rusty red metal children’s pull trolly or cart.  Easy.  The rectangular base on this one measures about 46cm L by 23cm W.

Sometimes, in these old metal vessels or containers, the bottom can have rust holes or be weakened by rust.

I have some little old wheelbarrows for projects such as this, some with bases weakened by rust or with holes.

I simply attach a bit of tin or a small board to make the base sturdy & suitable for the bears.  Maybe I’ll paint it the same colour as the wheelbarrow or trolly.  Too easy & you don’t see the base when the project is done anyway.










Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a child’s eyes light up, agog, when they see something like this.  All these teeny tiny teddies snuggled together in love & friendship.

It’s such a cheap & simple way to recreate, to re-purpose, to make a unique gift. It’s a simple way to treat yourself to a unique, one of a kind piece of rustic home decor.


And, yes, I’m working on another collection of mini teddy bears  . . .  stuffing them tightly together into a little old wooden box like tiny teddy sardines.  Stay tuned.