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lawya art: ‘in loco parentis’



In Loco Parentis by Oliphantics.


I love this beautiful work and find myself wondering.  Yes it’s titled ‘In Loco Parentis’. Indeed, the lawyer seems to be playing with the child, amusing the toddler … she has placed her wig on the child … phone is off the hook … pen and paper for drawing. The lawyer does not want to be interrupted.

Is the barrister keeping the child amused perhaps during a break in proceedings?

Is the toddler at issue in a custody battle? 

Are the parents fighting over the child?

Is the lawyer embracing her legal role protecting, nurturing & caring for the child, representing the child’s interests, in place of the parents – in loco parentis?


Or perhaps the barrister is the child’s mother & the child is not involved in the court proceedings.

Perhaps there’s no child care available and the lawyer mother has no choice but to bring her child to work, to chambers, juggling her work as a lawyer & caring for her child. 


What do you think?

The artist is a practising lawyer/magistrate in Adelaide SA 🇦🇺  See more of his work at Oliphantics (as above)


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