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France . . . some views inside a petite maison secondaire




This is the top floor which is actually one room running from the front to the back.   The image is being taken from the main bedroom side. What you see is the end of a 3/4 bed we will remove to make way for an office/reading room &/or a space for sewing/craft.  As is not uncommon with these old row cottages, the house is narrow & shares thick walls with neighbours each side.  You can’t hear a thing. That’s the sturdy wooden staircase in the middle.  Below this level is the middle floor which is the kitchen/living area & a tiny dining room next door.  Each floor has a toilet & a shower. The top bathroom includes a bath. The owners left basic furniture, including a queen size bed as well as white goods such as the fridges & washing machine & TV etc which essentially means a furnished home and one husband/I can stay in the day we arrive.




We plan to be in France a short time on our first visit which is primarily to assess the house & find folk who can do the necessary work on the place, renos etc.  Once that has been accomplished, we will likely head back to Australia. While we’ll get the 90 day VISA we plan on staying about a month or a little longer if required to sort the house. As I mentioned, given we run a busy law practice in Australia, it’s not easy to be away for too long.  Hopefully, our next trip back to France will be different and will be planned as a holiday.


France-stairs1 (1)PM


France-stairs2 (1)PM


The wooden staircase, l’escalier en bois, leads you up to the first & top floors from the basement area.  The top floor you see in the first image. As I mentioned, the first floor is home to the tiny kitchen/living area & dining room. L’escalier has sturdy hand railing on the left side so if you decide to ascend to the top floor a little tipsy or with a glass or two, or more, of wine in your hand you’ll do just fine!


Image via Queens Counsel

Unlike some of these old maisons, in which the bathroom/toilet is on a separate floor, which can be a bit of a pain in the middle of the night, both floors have a toilet.  There’s a bathroom on both floors. The first floor has a shower & toilet.  The second floor has a bath/shower & toilet.  So there’ll be no excuse for trepidation at midnight in this petite maison!




Taking risks, moving from the comfort of ‘home’ is not new to me albeit not on a permanent basis re our petite maison secondaire. Buying a house in France means new challenges, new culture, new learning, new friends.  Just as I like it. I’m the sort of person who, sponge-like, absorbs all around me.  I could live anywhere.  Timidity is anathema to me. Life shouldn’t be boring, un-challenging, no matter ones age & dotage! If we can do it, anybody can.





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