Criminal Defence

legal art by Salomon van Abbé







Etching by Salomon Van Abbe (1883-1955):  A barrister and a lady & inscribed “To My Friends Dolly and Harry Riley… July ’30”, signed, 26cm x 26cm.



The Judgement 1927

In 1927 Salomon van Abbé had been selected to serve on a jury of the King’s Bench in London. Inspired by what he saw, he returned to the Law Courts in his artistic capacity as soon as his service as a juror was over. His rapid draftsmanship, developed whilst working as a newspaper artist, was perfectly suited to recording the expressive characters and the emotions played out so publicly during legal proceedings. The result was the finest group of legal prints produced in recent times.

The Judgement was one of the first of Salomon van Abbé’s outstanding legal subjects. Here, he has captured the stern face of a judge with the onerous responsibility of weighing up the arguments presented before delivering his judgement.





A Point of Law 1929




Salomon van Abbe (aka Jack Abby)