Cracked in the Head … Orphaned Vintage Composition Dolls (Pt 2)



Following on from Pt 1


The ball joints and string.






In case you’re wondering about the doll on the right, I have simply placed a head’ from another black Americana dolly’ on a white doll body that came without the head.


OK, you think I’m weird.   Those creepy doll heads!  Not weird.  I love them!  I simply enjoy the creative fun of playing around with old doll heads, body parts & the few old dolls I have.


This head, with moulded hair, is made of strong plastic.

Dolly has brown sleepy eyes with remnants of hair eyelashes on top.

The eyes are sort of stuck and won’t open and close without my going inside the head and moving the mechanism.   The bottom eyelashes are painted on.

Open mouth, dark pink tongue, red lips, two teeth, pink nostrils.  On closer inspection there might be a broken top tooth on dolly’s right.

I pushed the eyelids down a little. You can just see the eyelash remnants and you can certainly feel them.

This endearing little black baby doll (made in Australia) is completely composition with eyes painted on.


Two heads are better than one – one composition, one plastic.


Indeed the black baby has weathered a few storms I believe even a serious head injury. You can see the cracks in the top right of his composition head.

Below you see the wear and tear on his back, his buttocks/bottom, on the side of his head and on his fingers.  Poor little chap.


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I may put him in my doll hospital here for a head job which will see the split rejoined.

I’m not sure, though, as he’s got all sorts of dings, dents & scratches making him quite a shabby little guy & oh so endearing as is.

As well, I love a touch of goth & boho around the house & these little ones can be made to fit the bill depending on how I display them.

Continued in Pt 3





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